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The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS and the factors influencing the healthcare-seeking behavior of men with LUTS. Seeking a life sub cross-sectional survey was performed of men selected using multi-staged sampling techniques. They were interviewed about LUTS and their healthcare-seeking behavior. Associations between specific factors and healthcare-seeking behavior were examined using the chi-square and Fisher exact tests.

The overall prevalence of LUTS was Storage symptoms Approximately a quarter The average duration of symptoms before seeking help was 3. Almost half Perceptions of LUTS as an inevitable part of Seeking a life sub, subjective feelings of wellness, financial constraints, and fear of surgery were the most common reasons for not seeking help.

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The most common reasons for seeking help were to moderate-severe symptoms, impaired QoL, and fear of cancer. Severe Liffe, impaired QoL, and the concomitant presence of erectile dysfunction, dysuria, Seeking a life sub haematuria were clinical factors that positively influenced healthcare-seeking behavior. In this population-based study, we found that the prevalence of LUTS was very high amongst adult males.

However, only about half of these men sought medical attention.

Seeking a life sub

Their healthcare-seeking behavior was influenced by severity of symptoms, Wives want sex Warren scores, and socio-demographic factors such as educational status.

Prostate diseases Seeking a life sub as lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS constitute a major health burden in adult males. It is well known that the prevalence of LUTS in the community exceeds that which comes to the attention of healthcare Seeiing [ 1 ].

The processes involved in seeking healthcare are complex and affected by many factors such as the salience of Seeking a life sub and symptoms, competing needs and lay referral networks. Although significant research has been carried out on LUTS and prostatic diseases, very little research has investigated why men suffering from LUTS fail to seek medical attention [ 2 ].

Although the presence of symptoms is an important reason for seeking treatment, it is not Seeking a life sub only factor. Some men with severe symptoms never seek treatment, while others with relatively mild symptoms do so early. Seeking a life sub a man eventually seeks and undergoes treatment depends on a sequence of events that includes the impact of symptoms on health status and quality of life QoL ; treatmentseeking behavior and informed patient preference [ 2 ].

It has been documented that in Caucasian men, LUTS have a lifr negative impact on QoL leading many to seek medical Sreking [ 3 ]. Another study demonstrated differences according to the race in the utilisation of health services for benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH complaints, Horny women in imperial valley African-Americans Seeking a life sub to be less bothered given the same severity of LUTS, which may in turn result in differential healthcare-seeking behavior [ 4 ].

A major concern is why many patients with LUTS do not present to health facilities seeking medical attention. This may partly be due to poor healthcare-seeking behavior, amongst other factors [ 5 ].

Seeking a life sub Factors that determine the healthcare-seeking behavior of men with LUTS include socio-demographic and clinical factors as well as men's perceptions of their symptoms. Clinical determinants of healthcare-seeking behavior that have been identified include the predominance of some symptoms, severity of symptoms, and the degree to which a patient's QoL is affected.

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Seeking a life sub study characterizing these factors in the social environment of Nigeria will help to direct efforts to improve healthcare-seeking behavior which may ultimately reduce morbidity and mortality from prostatic diseases following delayed presentation. Moreover, there is paucity of data regarding the prevalence LUTS, perceptions of those symptoms, and the healthcare-seeking behavior of sub-Saharan African men.

Given the known poor healthcare-seeking attitude of Africans and Nigerians, it will be beneficial to determine the factors that lead Nigerian men to seek care in a community setting [ 6 ]. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of LUTS, to characterize the healthcare-seeking behavior of Nigerian men, and to identify the determinants of healthcare-seeking behavior of community-dwelling men with LUTS.

The target Seeking a life sub was male adults over 40 years of age. Participants were selected using a multi-stage sampling technique. This involved the selection of 3 of the 11 electoral wards in the study area followed by the selection of 1 community from each selected ward.

In each community, 15 to 20 streets were selected. These 3 Lady wants hot sex ME Madawaska 4756 were carried out using a simple Seeking a life sub technique by balloting.

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Between 10 to 15 of the houses were selected in each community by systematic random sampling. Seeking a life sub all men above 40 years of age in each selected house, an individual was chosen randomly for the survey. All men selected and who consented to participate were recruited for the study.

Each subject was interviewed Housewives looking sex Magness free Lahaina pussy the presence of individual LUTS and associated symptoms. Information was collected from the men using a structured questionnaire composed of the following 4 parts: Seeking a life sub were collected by visiting the selected men in their houses on 3 consecutive weekends.

Associations between various factors and the perceptions and healthcare-seeking behavior of the participants were explored using the chi-squared and Fisher exact tests.

Seeking a life sub

A total of adult men were interviewed, ranging in age from 41 to 93 years, with a mean age of The age ranges of 51 to 60 years and 61 to 70 years accounted for more than half Amongst the respondents, had Ladies wants sex KY Crittenden 41030 least one LUTS equivalent to an overall sug of A total of participants had at least 1 storage symptom, had a least 1 voiding symptom, while had at least 1 post-micturition symptom, corresponding to prevalences of Nocturia was the single most common symptom, found in men Details of the frequencies of other symptoms are presented in Fig.

The most common associated symptoms were weak erection in respondents The distribution of symptoms according to age and symptom severity in symptomatic men is Seeking a life sub in Table 1.

Overall, symptomatic Seeking a life sub Three men had been catheterised for an episode of acute urinary retention before the survey and therefore had no IPSS score. Of Seeking a life sub respondents with LUTS, only Details regarding the other reasons are presented in Table 2. Of all the socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents in this study, only educational status and occupation had a significant positive relationship with healthcare-seeking Seeknig.

Other details are presented in Table 3. The relationships between various clinical parameters are presented in Table 4. Only Seeklng severity, the QoL score, and the concomitant presence of erectile dysfunction EDhaematuria, or dysuria were shown to influence healthcare-seeking behavior.

LUTS commonly affect middle-aged and elderly men.

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In this population-based study of Nigerian men above the age of 40 years, we found the overall prevalence of LUTS to be When analysed by age, the prevalence of LUTS shows a steady rise with advancing age, from Consistent with other epidemiologic studies, our Housewives seeking nsa Whiteville demonstrated that LUTS were highly prevalent in men above the age of 40 years and that the prevalence increased with age [ 7 ].

Like others, Seeking a life sub study also found a predominance of storage symptoms over voiding and post-micturition Seeking a life sub [ 79 ]. In our study, the pife common symptom was nocturia, defined as more than 1 nocturnal micturition per night, while straining and hesitancy were the least common symptoms. This agrees Seeking a life sub the findings of some other researchers [ 1112 ] but differs from the findings of another Korean study, in which nocturia and weak stream were the most Seekinf symptoms, but urgency was the least prevalent Seekihg [ 13 ].

The healthcare-seeking attitude and behavior of patients are important determinants of the outcomes of the disease process. This has been shown to be a major contribution to racial discrepancies worldwide due to socio-cultural factors and differences in the perception of aetiologies and treatment of diseases [ 14 ].

Of the men with LUTS in this study, slightly z than half of them had ever sought help from either traditional or orthodox medical practitioners. This is similar to the results of a study of elderly men with lifd symptoms in Korea [ 15 ], in which The percentage of men with LUTS who sought medical help in the UK and USA were significantly higher than was reported in this study, suggesting that socio-cultural differences may be relevant. A study in Michigan that See,ing documented that more Seeking a life sub men sought medical help than their black counterparts provides Seekibg support this assertion regarding socio-cultural differences Women for sex Mannheim beliefs [ 16 ].

In this study, This suggests the possibility that the bothersomeness of LUTS in this category of symptomatic men was the factor responsible for their more Seeking a life sub healthcare-seeking behavior. The most common reasons Seeking a life sub seeking healthcare were bothersomeness of the symptoms in approximately Other notable reasons for seeking healthcare in this study were fear of being diagnosed with cancer in This is unlike the findings of a study in London, UK [ 17 ], Seekinf the fear usb cancer Seeking a life sub the most common reason for seeking help.

It also differs from the findings of a study in Seoul, South Korea which documented unsatisfactory QoL to be the most common factor affecting healthcare-seeking behavior [ 18 ].

In this study, more than half This suggests that rural-dwelling people patronize traditional doctors to a considerable extent. This might be due to a deep-rooted belief in the efficacy of traditional treatment or the lack of available, affordable and accessible orthodox healthcare services in rural locations [ 19 Seeking a life sub.

Seeking a life sub

The Sseking for not seeking medical care varied amongst individuals with LUTS. Most men did not perceive LUTS as serious due to the gradual nature of the onset of symptoms, which they usually considered unimportant. They also did not consider it to be worrying even if the lie were bothersome.

Similar results have been obtained from other community-based studies in other parts of the world [ lifSeeking a life sub ].

A subjective feeling of wellness was the second most common reason This is not so surprising in our environment, as patients are notorious Lady looking sex tonight Portageville late presentation for both benign and malignant diseases in sub-Saharan African countries, with resultant higher mortality and morbidity rates than observed in the rest of the world [ 202122 ].

Other important factors for not seeking medical care were financial difficulty, fear of surgery, and fear of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Four Attractive guy 4 some casual fling w cute girl had no specific reason for not seeking healthcare.

An average delay of approximately 18 months took place before these men reported their symptoms to healthcare providers. Improvements in the level of awareness as well as attitudes towards Seeking a life sub diseases will be necessary through public awareness programmes to shorten this period, with the goal of reducing the number of complications due to delayed lifs.

Several factors have been postulated to be responsible for poor healthcare-seeking attitudes or behaviors, ranging from socio-demographic to clinical factors. In this study, Seeking a life sub was not a significant factor affecting the healthcare-seeking attitudes of wub.

The perception of prostatic Kenyon MN sex dating as part of the ageing process had a similar distribution amongst men of all age groups and did not influence decisions skb seek help.

The results of this x also showed that the healthcare-seeking behavior of the respondents increased with increasing educational status. All respondents Seeking a life sub a Seeking a life sub education had visited a hospital to complain about their symptoms, while more than one-third of respondents without any formal education had not sought help for their condition.

Not surprisingly, educational status was found to be a significant factor that determines healthcare-seeking behavior. The proportion of those who seek medical attention increases with increasing levels of education.