Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Supplies

Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Supplies offers the finest in carving woods, tools,  and wood carving accessories. We offer many varieties of exceptional air dried woods for your carving enjoyment. In some cases, air drying may take up to three years, but produces the finest wood available. We reach to all corners for our wood. We supply Basswood from far North in Minnesota. Butternut comes from Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Northern White Cedar for decoys is from the Northern woods of the US. Tupelo, the bird and fish carvers favorite, comes from the swamps of the Southern U.S. We buy Jelutong that has been shipped across the Pacific from Malaysia. We also carry specialty carving items, like Diamond Willow and Aspen walking Sticks from the Northern Latitudes and Cotton Wood Bark from Montana. We carry some unique tools and accessories; browse our catalog to view these innovative products. Listed in this site are the many North West Shows that we will be attending in 2014. Stop by the Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Display and say "Hello". Give us a call or send a note and we will have your order custom cut ready to pickup at one of the shows. Listed in our shopping cart are standard sizes that can be ordered online. There are just too many sizes and wood species to list. We will be glad to cut wood to any size that you need. Please contact us with your order and we will cut and ship to you directly. Give our wood and products a try; we know you won't be disappointed!


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Jerry Harris







  Northern Basswood (Tilia)

Basswood is a light weight, fine textured, desired carving wood. Basswood cuts very cleanly with knife or gouge. Your wood will be free of   knots, splits or other defects (some minor brown streaks and spots may occur, but are not considered defects and will not interfere with carving). The wood is harvested in the dead of the Minnesota winter when the sap is down, this insures light wood. Then it is milled early in the spring by folks who know the best wood for carvers. The wood will then go through up to three years of air drying. Air drying insures that the wood will be stable, light, and white. It's a long process, but it is the finest carving wood available. 










  Butternut (Juglans Cinerea)

This beautiful wood is most suited for natural finished carvings. It is related to walnut, but much easier to carve. It is a warm rich brown  color. Our Butternut comes from the Northern woods of Wisconsin. It goes through the same cutting and air drying process that our Basswood goes through. Butternut wood is light in weight and takes polish well, is highly rot resistant, but is much softer than Black Walnut. Oiled, the grain of the wood usually shows much light. It is often used to make furniture, and is a favorite of woodcarvers










  Jelutong (Dyera Costulata)

Jelutong is imported form Malaysia and other various Southeast Asia regions. Because of its low density, fine texture and exceptional workability, Jelutong is ideal for fine detailed work and intricate carving. Jelutong is a white wood with approximately the same weight properties as sugar pine. It’s possible to find a few latex pockets running through the wood, however we do our best to cut all of these out. The Jelutong tree is tapped for its latex to make chewing gum. A wonderful general carving wood, and our fish carvers love it. Jelutong is hard to get, but we try to keep a supply of stock up to 16/4 (4" thick). We can supply widths up to 12" wide.






  Tupelo (Disambiguation)

It has a fine, uniform texture and interlocked grain. Its color ranges from very white sapwood to yellowish or brownish-gray streaked heartwood with an indistinct pattern. The submerged portions of the trees growing in swamps of flooded areas contain wood that is much lighter in weight. Tupelo must be carefully dried. It is used extensively by artistic wood carvers, especially for duck, bird, and fish carving. Tupelo has the ability to be textured by burning pen or stone to extremely fine lines. Its light weight lends itself well to floating decoys. Used almost exclusively by the finest artists. Our Tupelo comes from the swamps of the Southern US.








  Northern White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis)

Northern White Cedar, the lightest of any commercial wood in the United States, grows primarily in the Great Lake States and Maine. The primary use has been construction lumber, fencing, and crafts. Because of  the woods light weight and ease of carving, it has found a strong following with decoy carvers. It works very well for working decoys, where detail is not as important. The softness of the wood does not allow for fine detail or burning. We ship our White Cedar from the woods of Maine. Air dried and light, it’s a great carving wood.









  Basswood bark boards

Our basswood bark boards are slabs that are cut off the log to square it up for making lumber, for carving wood. With the bark left on, these 1" thick plaques are great for carving, painting, or wood burning. It's the same great air dried basswood we sell for carving. We cut these boards in random lengths. We can cut to your specified size, just let us no what you need. From time to time we get some rather unique bark boards. We will get rather long boards with the bark completely around the board. These boards make rather unusual signs. We will list these on the site when they are available.








  Cottonwood Bark

The Cottonwood Bark that we stock comes from Montana. It will run from 3"-4" in thickness. Bark is a unique medium to carve in. Subjects carved will range from "Wood Spirits", "Castles", or "Gnome Homes" and much more. Bark is soft, easy, and enjoyable carving. Our supply can change from time to time, as the bark can be rather hard to obtain. Check in with us and see what we have in stock













 Diamond Willow Walking Sticks

Diamond Willow is willow with wood that is deformed into diamond-shaped segments with alternating colors. This is the results of attack by a fungus which causes cankers to form in the wood. Diamond Willow is prized by wood carvers and furniture makers for its strong contrasting red and white colors. Our Diamond Willow sticks have the bark on. We will have a large Variety of sticks from grade 1 to exhibition grade available. Look in our wood category for sticks for sale, or give us a call and tell us what you need. We can send pictures of sticks so you may choose.





















  Aspen and Ash Walking Sticks

From time to time, we will have in stock Aspen, Ash, and Basswood walking sticks. These sticks usually come to us with the bark off, ready to carve. Aspen (Two pictured on the left) is rather light and easy to carve. Aspen makes a good walking stick for someone that doesn't want the heavy weight. Aspen is plain, with lots of room to carve. The Ash sticks that we get are about the same weight as Diamond Willow. Ash is on the hard side. As are Aspen, Ash sticks are rather plain. Ash will hold up to the rigors of mountain hiking. Hard to break these sticks. As these sticks come and go, check in with us and see what we have on had.
























     Coastal Carvers Show, Lincoln City, OR 2013






Give us a call or send a note, we will custom cut wood to your specified size. We do ship wood and supplies.