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Responsible forestry is key to our operations

Fire Management

Fires are a major threat to our plantations, our business' key asset. Fires damage forests, reducing the value and productivity of these assets, as well as creating smoke and haze. Wildfires can also have a significant environmental impact; reducing soil nutrients, impacting water quality and increasing risk of soil erosion, all of which affect sustainable plantation management. 对世界杯高清直播来说,对森林焚烧实行零容忍是有商业意义的. 

We do not purchase wood from suppliers who engage in illegal burning. 世界杯高清直播的供应伙伴被要求提交相关许可证,以确保其采伐木材的合法性, and comply with our no-burn practices. 如果他们违反了世界杯高清直播的任何政策,世界杯高清直播将进行调查并立即采取纠正措施. 

Fire Awareness Training


世界杯高清直播认识到,通过教育和能力建设进行防火投资,比拥有世界级的灭火能力更有效. 考虑到绝大多数火灾是由邻近社区燃烧造成的, engagement at the village level is a critical part of minimising risk; posed by fires. 世界杯高清直播与政府当局合作,采取一系列以社区和教育为基础的预防措施,以确保火灾不会在世界杯高清直播的特许权内发生,并采取一切必要的预防措施,以确保火灾不会发生.

APRIL Group坚信自己是森林火灾解决方案的一部分,并在业务和社区层面对防火和灭火进行了大量投资, including:

  • Education programs
  • Working with local communities
  • Training and resourcing village fire teams
  • Forest and village signage
  • Awareness regarding slash and burn techniques
  • Community based incentive programmes
Fire Free Village Program

Established in July 2015, the Fire Free Village Program (FFVP) is a fire prevention project in Riau, Indonesia, 与当地社区密切合作,并与非政府组织合作成立, the government, police, military and Riau’s Disaster Mitigation Agency, 通过社会化过程来解决火灾的根本原因, education and increased awareness of the negative impacts of burning. The FFVP has five elements:

  • 没有焚烧村庄奖励:鼓励村庄放弃传统的农业方法,即把火作为清理土地和准备土地的工具, 通过向社区基础设施项目提供资金,帮助那些不在其控制范围内的土地上纵火的社区.
  • 村长:从当地社区招募个人作为四月合同工,在村级担任防火宣传和灭火专家. This role covers fire monitoring, reporting and sharing the knowledge/training provided to them by APRIL.
  • 农业援助:这涉及为采用一系列可持续农业替代方案提供帮助, including the use of mechanical land clearing tools and No Burn methods, for land management activities. 这也包括以教育、设备、资金和劳动力形式提供的援助.
  • 社区防火意识:提高人们对火灾清理土地的危险的认识, and the negative impact on community health. Overlapping with the FAC program, 这是为了实现长期的社会化和态度/行为的改变.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Installation in 2016 of seven
Fire Detection: Rigorous detection and early warning system

During the biannual fire season we operate regular land, air and water patrols with fire crews on standby.

Every day, 消防小组每天监测全省23个地方的天气,并根据降雨后的天数计算火灾危险等级, amount of rainfall, humidity and fuel (vegetation) moisture.

Fire teams from the 23 estates also patrol APRIL Group concession areas, 监察周围环境有否发生火警及其他违例活动, like illegal logging. 这些消防队身体健康,随时准备在4月集团特许区域内应对任何火灾.

Fire Suppression: Rapid response and aggressive suppression

Fires can be difficult to control, particularly on peatland. 世界杯高清直播已经发展了世界级的灭火能力,包括配备专业消防人员的直升机, water bombing, fire trucks, 汽艇和地面小组可以在发现火灾时迅速部署,控制和扑灭火灾.

世界杯高清直播与政府机构合作,在世界杯高清直播租界附近灭火. In July 2014, 世界杯高清直播签署了一份谅解备忘录,以帮助政府抗击森林火灾. In support of the Riau Province Disaster Mitigation Agency, 世界杯高清直播提供设备,如使用公司直升机和水泵, as well firefighting training for 630 volunteers across 39 Riau villages.

  • More than US$6 million invested in fire equipment
  • Helicopter and 2 airboats on standby for water-bombing
  • Annual operating cost of core fire team of more than US$ 2 million
  • 平均每年用于更换水管和泵的费用为1- 200万美元
  • 39 Lookout towers
  • 215 water pumps committed to firefighting efforts
  • 700 Rapid Response Team members, including
  • 260名训练有素的消防队员,22个社区防火控制小组
  • 39 community-based fire prevention and control groups, 630 members
  • 31 Fire Alert Communities in 5 regencies in Riau Province
Fire Free Alliance

The Fire Free Alliance (FFA)是一个自愿的多方利益相关者团体,主要由林业和农业公司与非政府组织和其他有关的合作者和伙伴组成. It comprises APRIL, Asian Agri, IOI, Musim Mas, Sime Darby, Wilmar, IDH and PM Haze. FFA成员承诺解决印尼因森林和土地燃烧而引起的持续火灾和雾霾问题,并积极合作分享信息, 知识和资源作为实现持久解决方案的集体努力的一部分.

Members of the FFA reported improvements in fire prevention efforts, 突出的是,参与防火活动的社区数量有所增加, from 416 in 2016 to 468 in 2017, and a 24 per cent rise in awareness raising activities by members. These accomplishments were highlighted in a published report on the efforts of its members to prevent the recurrence of fire and haze across Southeast Asia during 2017.

2018年,FFA成员继续发展他们的项目,重点是6个项目的实施 Fire Free Village Program elements: fire prevention and monitoring, supporting community development, no-burn village reward, providing mechanical site preparation, raising awareness and training and haze monitoring.